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Single-Cell Analysis – News and Features

The entrance to Bruker’s new production facility in Bremen, Germany.
Industry Insight

Bruker Unveils New, Sustainable Manufacturing Facility in Bremen

Bruker Corporation officially opened its new production facility in Bremen – one of Germany’s major science hubs – last week. Technology Networks visited the facility to learn about its low carbon footprint and how it will support Bruker's commitment to innovation and collaboration.
Neurons that are degenerating.

Rapid Cell Aging Discovered in Certain Brain Cells Linked to Alzheimer’s

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have discovered that some brain cells age more rapidly than others, and they are disproportionately abundant in individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease.
A graphic showing internal organs in a [person with the stomach circled in red. DNA and molecules fill the background.

Researchers Discover “Training Program” That Turns Stomach Stem Cells Into Acid-Producers

The discovery of the "training program" used by stem cells to form acid-producing cells could help research into heartburn, indigestion, peptic ulcers and stomach cancers.

Scientists Investigate the “Training Program” of Stomach Acid-Producing Cells

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and collaborating institutions identified the genes that were preferentially expressed by emerging parietal cells (PCs) to guide their development.
A clinician holds the results of a brain scan.

Developing a Personalized Vaccine Against Cancerous Brain Tumors

Pairing a personalized dendritic cell vaccine with an immune-boosting compound improves the immune response to malignant gliomas.
A plastic model of human lungs, bisected to show the internal structures.

The Role of Iron in Allergic Asthma Could Be Targeted in Potential New Treatments

Iron drives inflammation in the lungs during an allergic asthma attack, presenting a target for new treatments.
Bacteria in the intestine.

How Gut Epithelial Cells Defend Against Deadly Diarrheal Infections

A study brings new understanding to how absorptive intestinal epithelial cells, or IECs, and T cells work together to defend the gut barrier.
Purple cancer cells swirl against dark normal cells.

“Starving Out” Lung Cancer Cells May Be a Promising Therapy

Starving out tumor cells may be a promising therapy for treatment-resistant lung cancer, reports a new study.
The inside of a cell, featuring A4Cell's microchip.
Industry Insight

Monitor What’s Happening Inside Your Cells in Real Time

At ELRIG’s Research and Innovation 2024 event, Technology Networks spoke with A4Cell to learn about its SPAchip® technology, which consists of intracellular silicon microchips that monitor cellular pathways in real time.
immunofluorescent staining shows a lymph node that has been significantly expanded in mice with the help of the biomaterial MPS-vaccine (on the right), next to a lymph node taken from non-treated control mice (on the left) at the same time post-vaccination.

Biomaterial Vaccine Enhances Lymph Node Expansion and Boosts Anti-Tumor Immunity

A biomaterial vaccine enhances and sustains lymph node expansion following vaccination, boosting anti-tumor immunity in an animal model.