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Single-Cell Analysis – News and Features

Cancer cells.

Targeting Chemotherapy-Resistant Cells

Each round of chemotherapy kills the majority of cancer cells, while a small population of them survives through treatment. These cells are typically more resistant for the next cycle of therapy and can thus regrow.
Double helix structure of DNA.

Single-Cell Analysis Explains Cancer Patients' Sensitivity to Epigenetic Drugs

Researchers described the effects of chemotherapy at the single cell resolution in the bone marrow of Myelodysplastic Syndrome patients. The results help better understand which cellular populations are more sensitive to an epigenetic drug.
A woman holding her pregnant bump.

Genetic and Cellular Changes Pinpointed in Placenta Accreta

A new study may change the way clinicians and scientists understand, diagnose and treat placenta accreta spectrum disorder, a serious condition in which the placenta fails to separate from the uterus at birth.
A plastic model of a kidney held in a person's hand.

Six Novel Urine Biomarkers Discovered for Active Renal Lupus

Six proteins found in urine have been identified as biomarkers for lupus nephritis, which may help the early identification of renal involvement in lupus.
Cancer cells.

Non-Cancerous Cells May Help Predict Prostate Cancer Spread

Non-cancerous cells called stromal cells may be useful in assessing these tumors’ potential to spread, and may even be targets for future prostate cancer treatments
A birthday cake with 100 candles on.

More People Are Living to 100 Than Ever Before

New data from the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that 15,120 centenarians were living in England and Wales in 2022, a 3.7% increase from 2021.

Scientists Create a Single-Cell Atlas of the Human Placenta During Labor

During childbirth, numerous physiological and cellular transformations take place in both the mother and infant. Scientists have created a single-cell atlas of the human placenta during labor.
Stem cells.

Mapping the Genome of Oral Stem Cells Holds Hope for Regenerative Medicine

Comparisons of two stem cell populations from extracted wisdom teeth demonstrates significant differences in the cells’ differentiation potential.
Cells dividing.

How Stem Cell Embryo Models Won Method of the Year

A collection of ingenious biological tools for studying the genesis of life has been awarded Nature Methods’ coveted Method of the Year award for 2023
Group of bluefin tuna swimming in the ocean.
Industry Insight

Cell Line Development Is Transforming the Future of Seafood Production

Explore how advances in food cultivation techniques make safer food alternatives possible while allowing marine wildlife to remain in the ocean to restore and replenish their populations.