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The Immune System – News and Features

A bottle of eye drops with glasses in the background.

Experimental Drug Benefits Sjӧgren’s Disease Patients in Trial

In a phase clinical trial, a new drug under development significantly reduced both the symptoms and disease process of a condition called Sjӧgren’s disease (SjD).
Red blood cells and antibodies flow through a blood vessel.

Protein Complexes Work Together To Coordinate Attacks Against Immune System Invaders

Researchers have uncovered a molecular mechanism that helps the immune system coordinate its response to pathogens and regulate inflammation.
A macrophage.

Principal Driver of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Discovered

Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute, working with UCL and Imperial College London, have discovered a new biological pathway that is a principal driver of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and related conditions.
Red blood cells flow through a blood vessel.

Discovery of the “Missing Piece” Behind Blood Stem Cell Self-Renewal Could Improve Transplant Availability

Scientists have identified a protein that plays a critical role in regulating human blood stem cell self-renewal by helping them sense and interpret signals from their environment.
A hand holding a test tube in front of a 3D structure of a DNA helix.

Bilateral Gene Therapy Restores Hearing in Children with Inherited Deafness

A new clinical trial in Shanghai, China, in partnership with Mass Eye and Ear researchers, demonstrated the restoration of hearing in both ears in five children born with autosomal deafness caused by mutations in the OTOF gene.
A strand of RNA.

Novel Method Unveils Cellular Coordination of Gene Transcription

By capturing short-lived RNA molecules, scientists can map relationships between genes and the regulatory elements that control them.
Blue cells are surrounded by a layer of white fibrotic collagen.

Tumor Stiffness Alters Immune Cell Behavior

A layer of fibrous collagen around tumors acts as a barrier to infiltrating anti-tumor immune cells, influencing the success of immmunotherapy.
A vaccine needle going into a vial.

Novel Vaccine Approach Induces Improved Protective Immunity Against COVID-19

A scientific team has engineered a COVID-19 vaccine that induced – in pre-clinical models – very long-lasting, protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2 virus with a single-shot immunisation.
Growth factors trigger G proteins (in green) to disengage from GPCRs and change localization within cells. At right: A ribbon diagram of the G protein structure shows the position of all phosphoevents the “buzzer” site in red.

Researchers Identify “Short Circuits” in Cellular Pathways

A group of researchers at University of California San Diego has identified the cause of a “short-circuit” in cellular pathways, a discovery that sheds new light on the genesis of a number of human diseases.
White pills on a blue background.

Investigational Antiviral Progressing Toward Preparing for Future Pandemics

Obeldesivir (GS-5245), a novel investigational small molecule oral antiviral, represents a new tool in the ongoing effort to prepare for future pandemics.