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Therapeutic Antibodies – News and Features

A capsule halved with drug molecules inside.

Breast Cancer Drug's Efficacy Can Be Restored After Resistance

Researchers have shown that targeting a protein called TACC3 (transforming acidic coiled-coil containing protein 3) can restore the effectiveness of the breast cancer drug T-DM1 if the cancer cells have developed resistance.
Cancer cells adhered to a surface.

Cell-to-Cell Communication in Cancer

We typically think of a cancerous tumor as a bunch of abnormal cells gone rogue, but the situation is more complicated. This article will explore cell-to-cell communication’s role in cancer development, its influence on metastasis and how research is expanding our knowledge of the disease.
Breast cancer cells colored in blue, green and red.

Breakthrough for Breast Cancer Bone Metastases

A promising new immunological pathway that could be used to treat breast cancer that has metastasized to bone has been identified.
A cancer cell.

Previously Unknown Immune Evasion Regulator in Tumors Identified

Northwestern Medicine investigators have identified a previously unknown regulator of tumor immune evasion, which may help improve the efficacy of current and future anti-tumor immunotherapies.
A person holds a pink breast cancer ribbon in their hands.

A Step Closer to Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Precision Therapy

New research has identified three subgroups of triple-negative breast cancer patients, based on how the tumor responds to therapy. This could enable clinicians to employ aggressive treatments only when needed.
Lung cancer cells under a microscope.

Cancer Cell “Memories” May Lead to Improved Lung Cancer Treatments

Research shows that some lung cancer cells retain a “memory” of the healthy cell where they came from — one that might be exploited to make an emerging type of lung cancer treatment called KRAS inhibition more effective.
A scientist loading samples into a microwell plate.

Advances in CHO Cell Line Development for Biotherapeutics

A diverse array of biological medicines are now used to prevent and treat a wide range of illnesses. This article will discuss the development of cell lines in biopharma and will touch on key considerations, such as future manufacturability.
Representation of human cells.
Industry Insight

Why the Time Is Now for Allogeneic Cell Therapies

Andrew Schulman explores why we need allogeneic therapies, the importance of collaboration to keep the momentum, and challenges and predictions for the future.

Biologic Production and Host Cell Proteins

Host cell proteins can prove problematic for the development of novel biopharmaceuticals. This article will highlight some of the latest advances in host cell analysis strategies and how they are being implemented.
The structure of an antibody, with different sections labelled in red, orange, yellow and white.

Antibody Targets Tumor-Promoting Molecules Deep Within Cancer Cells

A new approach to cancer treatment uses IgA antibodies to target and destroy tumor-promoting molecules deep within cells and has been described as a more precise, long-lasting and less toxic approach.