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Therapeutic Antibodies – News and Features

A section of RNA split from a DNA strand.

Gene Therapy: A New Frontier in Disease-Modifying Therapies

The gene therapy landscape is dynamic and constantly shifting. In this article, we will review major advances in disease modification for illnesses that presently still lack effective treatments, as well as some challenges and approaches to overcome them.
A prescription bottle spills pills of different sizes and shapes.

“Two-for-One” Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Clinical Trial

A bispecific cancer drug that targets two checkpoint proteins is potentially more effective and at least as safe as standard therapies, reports a phase one trial.
A patient having a PET Scan.

Targeted Cancer Therapy Shows Promise Combined With Cholesterol-Lowering Drug

A novel therapeutic approach that combines human epidermal growth receptor factor 2 (HER2)-targeted therapies with the cholesterol-lowering drug lovastatin can reduce the number of cancer treatments required to prevent tumor growth.
A purple-gloved hand holding two test tubes filled with blood.

ctDNA Analyses Could Help Guide Immunotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients

Measuring ctDNA could offer a new approach to identifying non-small cell lung cancer patients in greater need of additional treatments during immunotherapy.
A scientist holds a blood sample.

Biomarker Bonanza: Computational Methods and Metabolomics Advances

Biomarkers can potentially aid patient management across the stages of their disease course. This article will review advances in computationally-driven biomarker discovery, including from metabolomics datasets, for complex, multifactorial diseases.
A computer-generated image of an antibody.

Experimental Therapy May Improve the Body's Ability To Fight HIV

Despite 40 years of intensive research, scientists have not yet succeeded in finding a cure for HIV. Now, an international team may have moved another step closer to a medication-free existence for those living with HIV.
Close up of a woman's pregnant belly.

New Preeclampsia Protein Biomarker Could Improve Treatment

A breakthrough has occurred in pinpointing the underlying cause of preeclampsia (PE). Researchers analyzed protein content in the placenta and serum of PE patients, discovering increased levels of the protein cis P-tau.
Two small red cytotoxic T cells attack a large white cancer cell.

Why Do Some Cancer Immunotherapies Not Work as Predicted?

A new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has investigated why checkpoint blockade inhibitors - a type of immunotherapy - don't always work as expected.
AI written on a computer chip.

AI Can Lead to More Effective Antibody Treatments

Antibody treatments may be able to activate the immune system to fight diseases but are less effective when they bind with themselves. Now, new machine-learning algorithms can highlight problem areas in antibodies.
A red cancer cell with three white T cells.

“Helper” T Cells Harnessed To Help Treat Tumors

A research team is looking beyond antibody therapeutics for cancer, leading new studies into how "helper" T cells can detect and help destroy cancer cells.