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Therapeutic Antibodies – News and Features

A heart model of a metal stand.

High BMI May Put Breast Cancer Patients at Higher Risk of Heart Damage

A new study has illustrated that patients with a high BMI are at higher risk of heart damage during cancer treatment.
Mass spectrometry samples.

The Power of Respiratory Gas Analysis To Optimize Biopharmaceutical Processes

This article discusses the benefits of real-time gas analysis for monitoring fermentation and cell culture.
Canine melanoma cells.

Protein Discovered in Dogs Can Immobilize Melanoma

Although rare, mucosal melanoma in humans has a low survival rate. It has been difficult to investigate due to a lack of similar cancers in animals for study.
A mosaic of blue pancreatic cancer cells, surrounded by red membranes.

Three-Pronged Immunotherapy Combination Shows Early Promise for Pancreatic Cancer

A three-pronged immunotherapy treatment has been shown to be safe and effective at treating operable pancreatic cnacers.
RNA molecule.
Industry Insight

Quality Control for RNA Therapeutics: Meeting a Growing Need

New applications for RNA therapeutics are continuously emerging. In this burgeoning space, nucleic acid quantification can help this dynamic therapeutic modality reach its full potential.
Seven glass vials of COVID-19 Vaccine.

Study Hints at Tweaks That May Future-Proof COVID-19 Vaccines

What scientists learned about the rare antibodies targeting SARS-CoV-2’s Achilles’ heel could help fine-tune our COVID-19 vaccine strategy for longer-lasting immunity.
A granulated eosinophil surrounded by numerous round red blood cells and some irregularly-shaped platelets.

Eliminating Eosinophils Does Not Stop Eosinophilic Food Allergy Symptoms

According to clinical trial results, eliminating eosinophils was not enough to stop the symptoms people feel with eosinophilic food allergy.
Brain cancer chromosomes.

Viral Therapy May Aid Brain Cancer Treatment

In a recently published manuscript, researchers identified a potential breakthrough in glioblastoma treatment - a novel viral therapy and a drug that activates the immune system.
Artist rendering of a white blood cell with a transparent outer layer revealing internal structures.

Immune Cells Engineered To Eliminate Cancer

By silencing the molecular pathway that prevents macrophages from attacking our own cells, scientists have manipulated these white blood cells to eliminate solid tumors.

An assortment of pills.

Computational Model Offers a Way To Speed Up Drug Discovery

By applying a language model to protein-drug interactions, researchers can quickly screen large libraries of potential drug compounds.