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Vaccine Design and Testing – News and Features

A needle piercing the top of a vaccine vial.

Novel Vaccine Could Offer Lifetime Immunity Against Evolving Flu Strains

New research led by Oregon Health & Science University reveals a promising approach to developing a universal influenza vaccine – a so-called “one and done” vaccine that confers lifetime immunity against an evolving virus.
A pregnant woman holds her belly.

Maternal Zika Virus Infections Reprogram Fetal Immune Development

Maternal Zika virus infections can reprogram fetal immune development, leading to long-term consequences in children’s immunity, a new study has shown.
Gloved hands fill a syringe from a vaccine vial.

How a “Neglected” Immune Response Could Lead to New Pathways for Developing TB Vaccines

An “unconventional” immune response recently identified by scientists is a potential new pathway for developing new vaccines for tuberculosis.
3D structure of a cell going through cell lysis

A Single “Kiss” From a Parasite Alters Human Host Cell Metabolism

Using a novel imaging technique, researchers have described how a parasite “kisses” the surface of host cells before infection and how this affects host cell metabolism.
A white mouse held in a gloved hand.

Researchers Create First Mouse Model With a Functioning Human Immune System

A breakthrough for biomedical research promises new insight into immunotherapy development and disease modeling.
A person holds a mobile phone with one hand and touches the screen with the other.

Mobile Phone Data Could Help Prevent Future Superbug Outbreaks

Combining a pathogen's genomic DNA with human travel patterns from anonymized mobile phone data provides a new way to prevent superbug outbreaks.
A medical professional administers a vaccination to a woman's upper arm.

Preclinical Studies of HIV Vaccine Show Promise in Stimulating Rare Antibodies

A series of preclinical trials suggests that researchers could be closer to an immunization regimen for HIV than ever before.
The back end of a dairy cow.

Bird Flu Remains Stable on Milking Equipment for at Least One Hour

According to research, bird flu in unpasteurized milk is stable on metal and rubber components of commercial milking equipment for at least one hour, increasing its potential to infect people and other animals.
A vaccine vial.

Symptoms Following a COVID-19 Vaccination Indicate a Supercharged Immune Response

A new study, led by UC San Francisco, has found that COVID vaccine side effects symptoms indicate a robust immune response that is likely to lessen the chances of infection.
A healthcare provider placing a bandage on the injection site of a child who had just received a vaccination

Could a “Tailored” Vaccine Be the Key to Treating Eczema in Children

Researchers have uncovered important immune signatures in children with infected flares of eczema. Technology Networks spoke to Dr. Rachel McLoughlin to learn how these findings could guide the development of a tailored eczema vaccine.