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Vaccine Design and Testing – News and Features

Red Zika virus particles surround a gray cell.

Zika Virus Vaccine Approach Shows Promise for Brain Cancer Cells

Attenuated Zika virus from vaccines could be used to destroy brain cancer cells, as they naturally target rapidly proliferating cells over mature cells.
A mosquito with red blood cells.

Unveiling Malaria's Copy-Paste Genetics

Plasmodium falciparum, a malaria parasite, uses gene conversion to produce genetic diversity in two surface protein genes targeted by the human immune system
Two syringes filled with pale yellow liquid.

Nanoparticle Discovery Could Make Vaccines More Powerful

A type of nanoparticle can activate a powerful immune response, showing promise for use as both the vaccine delivery system and as an adjuvant.
A person receiving their vaccine.

German Man Who Received 217 COVID Vaccines Has Functioning Immune System

A man who claimed to receive 217 vaccinations against SARS-CoV-2 has a healthy, functioning immune system, an analysis of his blood reveals.
Model of the sugar shield (green) on the GABAA receptor (grey) in a membrane (red) generated by GlycoSHIELD.

Sugar-Predicting Software May Help Accelerate Drug Development

Sugars cover nearly all proteins present at the surface of the cells in our bodies, forming a shield around the proteins. Thus, these sugars influence how cells interact with their environment including pathogens.
Scientist in a lab coat holding a futuristic representation of medicine and genetics.
Industry Insight

Improving Genome Editing for Therapeutic Purposes

In this interview, John Finn tells us more about PGI, how it compares to other genome editing approaches and the benefits it could bring to genomic medicine discovery.
Vaccine vials.

“Hexaplex” Flu Vaccine Approach Tested in Mice

A University at Buffalo-led research team is developing a new recombinant flu vaccine that has the potential to compete with existing vaccines.

A teacher standing in front of a class of children, some who have their hands up to answer a question.

IMiLi Aims To Address Microbial Education for All

Our education system fails to furnish young people who will go on to be decision-makers, at home and in the workplace, with an adequate grasp of microbiology. The International Microbiology Literacy Initiative (IMiLI) is hoping to address this.
Vaccine vials.

Vaccine Candidate Shows Promise Against Birth Defect-Causing Virus

An experimental mRNA vaccine against human cytomegalovirus (CMV), a common virus that can infect babies during pregnancy, elicited some of the most promising immune responses to date of any CMV vaccine candidate.
Virus particles.

Novel Vaccines Use DNA Particles That Mimic Viruses

Using a DNA-based scaffold carrying viral proteins, researchers created a vaccine that provokes a strong antibody response against SARS-CoV-2.