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Water Analysis – Multimedia

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How To Guide

Your Guide to GC-MS/MS Pesticide Residue Analysis

This guide provides methods, best practices and troubleshooting tips for robust GC-MS/MS multiresidue pesticide analysis and maintaining quality control standards in environmental testing.
A screenshot from the infographic showing a person in PPE placing a beaker in a water source.

Emerging Contaminants in Water: Type and Testing

Water, water, everywhere, and every drop tested via a mass spectrometer. Such is the dream of many a water analyst.
Scientist kneeling down taking water samples
App Note / Case Study

Achieve Robust Data Acquisition in Water Samples

This application note highlights how inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) offers consistent performance that requires minimal oversight and maintenance for the analysis of water samples.
Lab worker holding a cuvette.

Recent Developments Expanding the Applications of UV-Visible Spectroscopy

Although UV-Vis spectroscopy is a well-established method, it continues to evolve and is extensively used for the analysis of different types of molecules in varied matrices.
Digital dPCR system

Realize the Full Potential of Digital PCR

Uncover the rationale and methodology behind the integration of dPCR into workflows for optimized performance in cell and gene therapy, cancer research, gene expression analysis, microbial detection and more.
Drinking Water
App Note / Case Study

Ensure Compliance in Your Drinking Water Analysis

This application note explores an analytical workflow which enables laboratories to perform uninterrupted analysis of water samples for extended periods while exceeding EPA regulatory thresholds.
Wastewater plant
App Note / Case Study

Robust Analysis of Water and Wastewater Samples

This application note explores the complete workflow of an analytical method using an instrument that provides a robust solution for efficiently analyzing samples with elevated dissolved solids, such as wastewater and solid waste.
An Optimized Method for PFAS Analysis in Wastewater
App Note / Case Study

Optimized Methods for Sensitive and Robust PFAS Analysis of Wastewater

These application notes present optimized liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) workflows to meet and exceed the limits of quantitation required for the monitoring of PFAS in complex environmental matrices such as wastewater samples.

Agilent Certified Pre-Owned 6470B  Triple Quadrupole LC/MS and 1290 Infinity II UHPLC
App Note / Case Study

Successful Leadership in Water Pollution Research

Agilent representatives found a creative and effective solution with a Certified Pre-Owned 6470B LC/TQ and 1290 UHPLC.
Water Analysis

Water Analysis

To check all wastewater is safe, the EPA and other regulators carry out tests along water systems. Download this infographic to learn what treatment steps are required, which contaminants are removed and which methods are used.