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What Happened This Week in Science?

Let's look back at the science stories that came out this week!
Two female scientists look at a test tube.

Celebrating Female Scientists on International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Technology Networks is delighted to showcase the work of Dr. Angela Calderón, associate professor in drug discovery and development at Auburn University in the United States.
Group of people in lab coats brushing up on their scientific knowledge.

Do the Public Need To Be More Scientifically Literate? With Dr. Hilary Jones

Why is it important to have doctors working within the media? Do the public need to be more scientifically literate? What advances have we seen in diagnostics? And how can this help GPs in the UK?
A frame from the video showing an illustration of plasma cells and antibodies with the text "plasma cells with antibods flooding".

Leukocyte (BTS Dynamite Parody)

An immunology-themed parody song of Dynamite by BTS.
Boy in bed ill with flu, with a thermometer in his mouth.

How Proteins on Influenza Viruses Tilt, "Breathe"

Simulations show that the proteins on the influenza viral surface targeted by vaccines can tilt and wave in “breath-like” motions, which could be exploited to better defend against the flu.
Illustration of the human body outline, skeleton, proteins and DNA interconnecting to make our systems work.

"A Leader in Science", Professor Jane Clarke FRS in Conversation With Roger Mosey

Professor Jane Clarke FRS, a world-leading and award-winning biophysical protein chemist and now President of Wolfson College Cambridge, talks to Roger Mosey about leading in science and defying expectations.
Drawings of a plague doctor on a wall.

Why Plague Doctors Wore Beaked Masks

Explore the history of the European plague doctor, and find out where their iconic outfit of a beaked mask and robe came from.

Keeping Our Drinking Water Safe With Dr. Detlef Jensen

Lucy Lawrence and Dr.Detlef Jensen, senior expert in applied markets at Thermo Fisher Scientific, will discuss Ion chromatography and how to keep drinking water safe in detail.
Close up of a lady smiling and showing her teeth.

Understanding Oral Bacteria To Help Fight Periodontal Disease

Researchers have advanced our understanding of how a specific group of bacteria in the human mouth contribute to periodontal disease.
Woman holding a pink ribbon as an awareness of Breast Cancer Day.

Testing a Breast Cancer Vaccine

A vaccine which targets an aggressive form of breast cancer is moving forward to a second trial involving patients fighting cancer.