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Teach Me in 10 – What Can Proteomics Teach Us About Disease? With Dr. Clare Paterson

In this Teach Me in 10, we're joined by Dr Clare Paterson, Associate Director of Clinical Research at SomaLogic, who teaches us about the power of proteomics, exploring how proteomics has evolved from assessments of single analytes to sensitive, specific and high throughput technologies capable of generating a wealth of invaluable data.

She will discuss how proteomics technologies, such as SomaScan, have advanced the field to not only be a tool for biomarker discovery, but also allow acceleration of drug development, clinical trials and transforming precision medicine.

Learn more about some of the research studies Clare discusses and the application of omics in studying disease below: 

  1. Diabetes 
  2. Immuno-oncology 
  3. Cardiovascular
  4. NASH
  5. COVID-19 and the SomaScan® Platform. 

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