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Advancing Vaccine Development With Novel Purification Strategies

Advancing Vaccine Development With Novel Purification Strategies content piece image

Vaccination has proven to be the most successful form of disease prevention available today. However, infectious diseases still account for large numbers of the yearly reported casualties, especially in developing countries. Ever-relevant global outbreaks such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, necessitate a rapid response from scientists and companies worldwide, driving the development of new vaccine modalities and innovative technologies to combat diseases.

Over the last few decades, vaccine production has advanced and evolved significantly, and new vaccine modalities are on the rise. The increasing diversity of novel vaccines requires development of purification solutions tailored towards each unique molecule type, while minimizing time and resource consuming activities. 

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The benefits of implementing affinity chromatography into a vaccine production process
  • How novel affinity chromatography resins can help to improve the purification process of new vaccine modalities such as mRNA- or protein- based vaccines or viral vectors
  • A new scavenging chromatography resin, specifically developed for the removal of Baculovirus process impurities
Allyson Dahlen
Allyson Dahlen
Field Application Specialist