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See stability in hi-def with Hunky


See stability in hi-def with Hunky
Dina Finan
Product Manager, Unchained Labs
Krista Witte
VP, Product Development, Unchained Labs

Many methods for studying protein stability and aggregation are qualitative, which can cause uncertainty when moving drug candidates and formulations forward. Hunky gives you the ΔG of a protein which is a powerful and quantitative indicator of the amount of unfolded protein present in a sample at ambient temperatures. Moreover, inherent in the ΔG values is information about the likelihood and pathway of aggregation of the protein.  

In this webinar, Dr. Krista Witte will discuss the benefits of making routine ΔG measurements with Hunky as part of the process of developing biologics and optimizing formulations.  This quantitative data can be used in conjunction with orthogonal and more traditional thermal melting (Tm) measurements to reduce risk when developing biologics.

Key learning objectives: 

  • See how ΔG provides more quantitative information on protein stability than other stability measurements.
  • See how ΔG can give insights into protein aggregation.
  • Learn how Hunky makes it easy to implement these measurements as part of your routine process.


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