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Level Up Your LNP Making Skills With Nunchuck

Level Up Your LNP Making Skills With Nunchuck content piece image

The Problem
LNPs are a valuable tool in the repertoire of gene and vaccine delivery vectors but LNP development is a complex multi-step process. Screening formulations, controlling the size and quality of the LNPs, and improving encapsulation efficiency all require significant and tedious optimization. Then, when you have the perfect method, you must transfer it to another platform for scaleup and repeat all that work.


The Solution
Nunchuck is the first and only platform that combines two critical steps needed to make the perfectly-sized LNP—total flow rate screening and lipid nanoparticle formulation. Screening 8 total flow rates (TFRs) from 0.5–30 mL/min in just 10 minutes makes it easy to get the particle size needed for a given application. Low volume runs mean formulation screening wastes less of your expensive payload and takes the guesswork out of LNP manufacturing. Then, with all the parameters dialed in, Nunchuck can make up to 200 mL of consistent, high-quality LNPs.


The Proof
In this webinar we’ll show how Nunchuck, a fit-for-purpose LNP maker, can be used to create high-quality LNPs of varying sizes. A total flow rate (TFR) screening application allows users to test up to 8 TFRs in 10 mins. Additionally, Nunchuck provides users with control over other variables, like flow rate ratio (FRR) to fine-tune LNP size. We show Nunchuck’s versatility in creating LNPs using differently charged lipids while formulating LNPs with low PDIs, high encapsulation efficiency, and expected morphology.


Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn to develop LNPs for gene therapies and vaccines

  • Discover how the Nunchuck system from Unchained Labs could benefit your LNP development workflow

  • Hear about how to tune the Nunchuck system to get high-quality LNPs at the size you need
Dr. Martha Perez
Dr. Martha Perez
Director, Marketing LNP Solutions, Unchained Labs