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Masterclass: Retaining Labile Moieties With Peptide Mapping

Masterclass: Retaining Labile Moieties With Peptide Mapping content piece image

As modalities of proteins continue to evolve and increase in complexity, peptide mapping remains a critical workflow in determining and monitoring post-translational modifications and other quality attributes. Zhengwei Chen, Senior Applications Scientist, will demonstrate how the use of an alternative fragmentation mode, electron activated dissociation (EAD), on the ZenoTOF 7600 mass spectrometer, maintains labile moeities from fragmentation for faster localization of modifications. 

Watch this webinar to discover a system that:

  • Improves MS/MS duty cycle gain >90%
  • Has a wide dynamic range
  • Includes a new Q0 design for improved ion transmission and maintenance
Zhengwei Chen
Zhengwei Chen
Senior Applications Scientist
Paula Orens
Paula Orens
Market Development Manager, SCIEX