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Automated Epitope Binning in a Single Assay

Binding affinity is a significant factor to consider. However, relying solely on affinity can be problematic, as the highest affinity mAbs may not exhibit optimal activity. To ensure the best lead candidates, it is crucial to consider factors like specificity, selectivity and biological relevance.
Heralding a New Era of RNA Therapeutics content piece image

Heralding a New Era of RNA Therapeutics

This article explores how scientists are tackling the challenges and intensifying efforts to develop mRNA therapeutics for different diseases.

Discover Custom Antibody and Immunoassay Development Solutions

This whitepaper explores the key steps in the antibody development process and highlights how partnership with an expert manufacturing service provider can help to simplify and expedite your workflow.

Detect Low Abundance Biomarkers in Murine Models

In this interview, delve into the significance of measuring immune mediators with high sensitivity, revolutionizing our understanding of disease dynamics.
Disease Population

The Transformative Potential of Metabolomics in Complex Chronic Disease Research

Genomics, proteomics and microbiomics are all useful tools in complex disease research. However, using these tools alone can risk critical knowledge gaps and leave researchers struggling to predict disease outcomes.
Illuminating Immunology with Spectral Flow Cytometry

Illuminating Immunology With Spectral Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a core technique in many immunology labs.. However, extensive immunophenotyping panels can result in overlapping emission peaks, time-consuming compensation and complex data analysis.

Discover Single-Use Fermenters for Biopharmaceutical Production

Single-use fermenters (SUFs) use disposable sterile plastic bags that don’t require the traditional high-intensity preparation of SS bioreactors, which are expensive and time-consuming processes.
Drug Conjugates

Antibody–Drug Conjugates: A Novel Paradigm for Cancer Therapy

This whitepaper highlights the key molecular components of ADCs and the challenges and opportunities for their future development.
The mRNA Therapeutics Boom

The Power of mRNA in Accelerating Therapeutic Development

mRNA-based therapies, from infectious disease vaccines to genetic disorder treatments, are gaining traction. However, mRNA purification methods must evolve beyond traditional precipitation techniques to meet the demands of large-scale therapeutic production.
Therapeutic Antibodies

A Translational Perspective – Biacore Systems in Discovery and Early-Stage Development

For a smooth molecule journey from benchtop to clinic you need to make the most informed candidate selection and reduce the risk of failure and complications during development. Our BiacoreTM systems support informed decision-making during the lead candidate selection process. Its technology delivers valuable insights into developability such as manufacturability and safety.