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Latest Whitepapers

Therapeutic Antibodies

A Translational Perspective – Biacore Systems in Discovery and Early-Stage Development

For a smooth molecule journey from benchtop to clinic you need to make the most informed candidate selection and reduce the risk of failure and complications during development. Our BiacoreTM systems support informed decision-making during the lead candidate selection process. Its technology delivers valuable insights into developability such as manufacturability and safety.
novel affinity antibody

Novel Affinity Purification Methods for Next-Generation Antibodies

High-fidelity affinity chromatography ligands can support more efficient, cost-effective manufacturing, providing superior yield in a single purification step and accelerating drugs to market.
next generation biologics

Purifying Next-Generation Biologics With Antibody-Based Selectivity

This whitepaper explores how antibody-based affinity chromatography can reduce the number of process steps, improve yield and increase the purity of your biologic products.
DNA Microbial

DNA Sequencing for Microbial Identification

The rapid and accurate identification of microbial contaminants is crucial for quality control in pharmaceutical processes and products. However, until recently, testing labs have relied on time-consuming phenotypic approaches to ensure that safety standards are met.
Cancer Drugs

How To Accelerate and De-Risk Drug Development in Oncology

Although there are initiatives to de-risk the drug development process, continually applying the same tools and approaches is unlikely to lead to innovative, first- or best-in-class targets and transformative progress.
Diving Deep Into Cell Therapy: An Industry Perspective content piece image

Diving Deep Into Cell Therapy: An Industry Perspective

Active cell therapy drugs represent the latest in cancer treatment. Of these, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) cell modalities are considered the most successful.
How Spatial Phenotyping Can Uncover Novel Insights in Tissue Biology content piece image

How Spatial Phenotyping Can Uncover Novel Insights in Tissue Biology

Rather than choosing between the detail of single-cell RNA sequencing and the in situ capabilities of conventional immunohistochemistry, spatial phenotyping allow you to visualize and quantify dozens of biomarkers in a single tissue sample while maintaining cellular and sub-cellular detail.
Delivering the Future of Genomic Pathogen Surveillance content piece image

Delivering the Future of Genomic Pathogen Surveillance

Serious infectious disease outbreaks have been an ever-present threat throughout human history and, driven by factors such as increasing globalization, population growth, urbanization and climate change, that threat is increasing.
Expanding the Useful Spectrum for Flow Cytometry content piece image

Expanding the Useful Spectrum for Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry has enabled the discovery of varied and nuanced cell types in terms of phenotypic markers and biological functions, but the visible spectrum places limitations on the number of extrinsic parameters that can be assessed.
Beadless Absolute Counting content piece image

Beadless Absolute Counting

Traditionally, manual or semi-automated methods using counting chambers or slides are used in cell counting but there is a high degree of variability in this method attributed to operator error.