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A Highly Robust and Sensitive Workflow for Quantifying RTP004 in Rat Serum

A Highly Robust and Sensitive SPE-LC-HRMS Workflow for Quantifying KR Rich Peptide RTP004 in Rat Serum

RTP004 is a proprietary peptide used by Revance Therapeutics as a novel excipient in DaxibotulinumtoxinA for injection. Due to its high molecular weight, high isoelectric point and strong non-specific binding property, the sample preparation and LC-MS method development for this peptide is very challenging.

Download this app note to discover how a SPE-LC-HRMS workflow: 

  • Enabled accurate quantitation of RTP004 in rat serum
  • Provides high sensitivity, resolution, mass accuracy and robustness of large peptides
  • Can easily be applied to other large peptides with low fragmentation efficiency