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Biologics Developability: Optimization of Engineered mAbs With Multi-Parameter Stability Characterization

engineered stable mAbs
Credit: Nanotemper

The biologic drug development process is expensive and often leads to time and money lost on candidates that never reach the clinic. Improved developability profiles enable researchers in the early discovery stages to select candidates that have a great chance at clinical success. 

Discover how the Protein Sciences group at Merck & Co. builds developability profiles for their monoclonal antibody variants. Get an in-depth explanation of the experiments they set up to obtain parameters that help them decide which candidates have the best potential to reach the market and how they validated that the data they obtained to do this work matched up with previous profiles.

Download this app note to learn about:

  • Why it was important to build developability profiles from biophysical stability attributes of candidates
  • Which parameters were measured to create these profiles
  • Why a combinatorial approach was valuable to the workflow
  • How DLS-derived parameters were validated and did not compromise previous nanoDSF-derived data

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