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Female doctor and patient seated, smiling and looking at a tablet.

Strengthening a Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in R&D With the Help of Novel Machine Learning Approaches

In this article, we discuss how a deep learning framework can specifically address real-world challenges to enhance site selection while seeking to improve trial diversity.
A scientist holding up a vial containing an image of a DNA double helix.

Top Trends Shaping Pharma in 2024: AI, Gene Editing, Biosimilars and Real-World Data

From AI's transformative role in drug discovery and CRISPR breakthroughs to the rise of biosimilars and real-world data. Learn how these innovations are reshaping pharma and driving progress in 2024.
Smiling ladies of different weights representing samples of two populations.

The Z Test

If you want to compare means of continuous variables between two groups or to a hypothesized value, you might need a z test. In this article, we explore the two types of z test, assumptions of the test, interpretation and a worked example.
Dr. Kanaka Rajan stands in a hallway.

Computational Neuroscience and the Joy of Discovery With Dr. Kanaka Rajan

Dr. Kanaka Rajan is a leader in a new wave of neuroscience that has leveraged vast volumes of computing power as a tool for understanding the brain. In this interview, she discusses her motivations, research and greatest achievements.
A scientist working on the internal workings of a piece of equipment with graphs and shapes overlayed on the image.

How To Deal With Missing Lipidomics Values

Scientists looked at common methods used to impute missing values in lipidomics datasets and tested how suitable they were for different types of missing data, with a special focus on values below the limit of detection.
Scatter graph showing the correlation between students' chemistry and math scores.

Spearman Rank Correlation

In this article, we will explore the theory, assumptions and interpretation of Spearman’s rank correlation, a flexible statistical tool that assesses the strength and direction of the relationship between two quantitative, ranked variables.
Illustration of data that may be analyzed by Fisher's exact test, here icons represent males and females voting for and against.

The Fisher’s Exact Test

In this article, we explore the theory, assumptions and interpretation of the Fisher’s exact test, used to investigate associations between two categorical, binary variables with small sample sizes, and take you through a worked example.
A picture that reads "AI et al."

AI in Science Publication: The Good, the Bad and the Questionable

We take a deep dive into the current guides and policies for using AI-assisted technologies in scientific data generation and publication, asking: what does the future look like?
Group of female scientists standing together in a laboratory.

Reversing the Tide To Provide More Opportunity for Women in STEM

How do we reverse the tide and break down the barriers that are impeding women and girls in STEM? Courtney Noah explores the possible solutions in this opinion piece.
Female scientist using a tablet to check lab inventory.

Break Bottlenecks in the Lab With Digitalized Lab Management Systems

One key bottleneck in a laboratory setting is the amount of time wasted by researchers on inventory management. Explore how digitalization could help to overcome this.