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Strands of light pass around the positive ends of batteries.

Explore the World of Battery Research With Kieran O'Regan

Kieran O'Regan, COO and co-founder of About:Energy, works to bridge the gap between universities and industry and accelerate the development of new battery technologies. Technology Networks invited Kieran O'Regan to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about this incredible technology.
A person adding a blood sample to a testing strip on a glucose monitor.

Using Exercise to Inform Insulin Delivery in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes

Current automated insulin delivery systems for Type 1 diabetics struggle to regulate blood glucose effectively during exercise, but integrating data from wearable fitness sensors and AI could change that, a recent study suggests.
Human hand holding a digitized world.

The Transformative Power of Insights in Biopharma Development: Why a Digital Backbone Matters

Digitalization underpins the biopharma industry’s endeavors to keep up with innovation and get life-changing therapeutics into the hands of patients as quickly as possible. This article explores how a digital backbone can help to realize the full potential of data and generate meaningful insights.
A scientist holds a blood sample.

Biomarker Bonanza: Computational Methods and Metabolomics Advances

Biomarkers can potentially aid patient management across the stages of their disease course. This article will review advances in computationally-driven biomarker discovery, including from metabolomics datasets, for complex, multifactorial diseases.
Various icons relating to data floating in front of a keyboard

Data Reporting: Connecting the Islands of Automation

In this article, we explore ways analytical scientists can improve their data reporting and sharing practices, leading to improvements in data integrity and regulatory compliance.
Pile of red, white and blue capsule medicinal drugs.

Transforming Drug Discovery With Artificial Intelligence

By decoding the biological lexicon and integrating diverse forms of data, AI offers new possibilities for modeling biology and designing therapies. In this article, we explore the potential of recent advancements in AI to revolutionize drug R&D.
Young female scientist looking at a sample.

How Advanced LIMS Are Reshaping the Scientific Experience

In this article, we discuss how the most advanced laboratory informatics software can enhance the scientific experience across both physical lab work and data management and analysis, enabling analysts to focus on what matters – science.
Male doctor holding a stethoscope in front of a patient being pushed in a wheelchair.

Maximizing the Potential of Real-World Data for Evidence Generation

This article explores why the traditional process of sorting through RWD is a challenge, what value is lost through that process, and the underlying technology needed to be able to filter and sort data in a compliant manner.
Lots of unlabeled conical flasks containing cloudy white liquid.

Applying a Lifecycle Approach to Your Analytical Procedures and Method Validation Programs

Regulatory guidance relating to analytical procedures is in the process of changing to a lifecycle approach to ensure that procedures are suitable for intended use across all phases of the drug development life cycle.
Vaccine vials overlaid with blue lines and circles to represent a data network.

Accelerating Vaccine Development With Automation

This article will outline how automation is currently adopted in vaccine development, including workflows and methods to improve efficiency. In addition, it will explore future opportunities to implement automation when developing vaccines.