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Latest Articles

An image showing the Twitter application on a mobile phone.

Should #SciTwitter Migrate Elsewhere?

From tweets to toots – the online community #SciTwitter is considering a move from Twitter to an alternative online platform. In this article, we explore how Twitter has supported science communication and outreach over recent years, the motivations for migration and ask: where are you heading, #SciTwitter?
Bottle of pills on top of a one dollar note.

Three Strategies To Minimize Clinical Development Costs

This article explores how new technologies and precise trial implementation can ease the process of bringing a new drug to market.
White and red pill cut in half showing a silver ball and stick molecular structure inside.

Target Identification and Validation in Drug Development

This article will highlight the properties of an attractive drug target, outline the approaches used to identify targets and discuss the key steps involved in target validation.
An image illustrating equity, diversion and inclusion using building blocks.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for “Better Science”

Technology Networks recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Sam Barichievy, director in cell engineering at the biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. In this conversation, Dr. Barichievy shares her perspectives on what equality, diversity and inclusion entails, and how fostering inclusive environments can enable us to do better science.
Quality control scientist  wearing personal protective clothing holding up a vial of a therapeutic drug to examine it.

Navigating the Challenges of a Modern Quality Control Laboratory

The modern QC laboratory is testing highly complex drug products using a wide range of analytical techniques, instrumentation and software with continually evolving regulations and guidance, presenting many challenges from a management perspective.
A Conversation on Immunity content piece image

A Conversation on Immunity

Dr. Jenna Macciochi is a lecturer in immunology at the University of Sussex, where her research centers on understanding the role that nutrition and lifestyle play in human immunity.
A Degeneration of Trust content piece image

A Degeneration of Trust

Recently, an expose article was published revealing a potential fabrication of data by prominent investigators of Alzheimer’s disease. In this op-ed piece, Michael Kinch explores the catastrophic impact of scientific fraud.
The Binomial Test content piece image

The Binomial Test

The Binomial test, sometimes referred to as the Binomial exact test, is a test used in sampling statistics to assess whether a proportion of a binary variable is equal to some hypothesized value.
Ensuring Success in a LIMS / ELN Implementation Project content piece image

Ensuring Success in a LIMS / ELN Implementation Project

In this article we highlight some of the key considerations when choosing or replacing a LIMS or ELN and provide tips for how to roll out the system successfully across the organization.
Ceph Open Source File System Empowers Flatiron Institute’s Extreme Scale HPC  content piece image

Ceph Open Source File System Empowers Flatiron Institute’s Extreme Scale HPC

Intel Xeon processor-based system fosters research in astrophysics, biology, mathematics, neuroscience and quantum physics.