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Latest Articles

Floating antibodies

Recent Advances in Therapeutic Antibody Screening

This article explores the various screening technologies used in the development of therapeutic antibodies and outlines the recent advances in this area.
A strand of DNA disintegrates into the letters of the nucleotides.

The Glue of Genomics: Will Science’s Unsung Data Heroes Abandon Academia?

This article will review the latest advances in next-generation sequencing technologies, data analysis tools and their various applications with key research examples.
Open laptop with a metabolomics workflow and output displayed on the screen, next to which one of the investigators is seated.

Multidimensional Mass Spectrometry and Machine Learning: A Recipe for Richer Metabolomics

A new metabolomics workflow has been developed that combines state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, which generates information-rich data, with a novel machine learning-based algorithm tailored to process it.
Microscope image.

Improving Image Integrity in Scientific Papers

This article sheds light on the issue of image integrity in academic publishing and gives advice on how to reduce the risk.
Cartoon of a tablet displaying scientific data.

Improving Time-to-Value for GxP Computer Systems

Jim Brooks shares top tips to overcome the biggest validation challenges and best practices for building and implementing a digital process data strategy to lead to smarter and faster validation.
Signpost with arrow of the Union Jack pointing left and EU flag pointing right.

The Impact of UK Collaboration in Life Sciences

In this opinion piece, Jan Wauters discusses why collaboration in science is so important and what the Windsor Framework could mean for research in Europe.
Man pointing a finger at a futuristic touch user interface.

The Role of Smart Technology in Mitigating the Risk of Human Error and Improving Productivity in Pharmaceutical Quality Control

In this article, discover the role HPLC plays in ensuring regulatory compliance and reliability of throughput, and how labs can automate to eliminate errors and build reliability into their processes.
An image depicting artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT: It’s Not the End of the World as We Know It

In this op-ed article, Michael Kinch explains his optimism around ChatGPT which, in his words, centers around the possibility that we as a society might start to question "claims" and "truths" that we encounter daily.
Graphic to represent AI and ChatGPT.

Generative AI’s Business Impact Will Be Slow, Then Slow, Then Big

In this opinion piece, Vikram Savkar explores the potential impacts of ChatGPT and some of the concerns about the use of the technology.
A person looking down at their feet on a weighing scale.

Time To Say Goodbye to the Traditional BMI?

Scientists from the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) have created a biological BMI, an alternative to the "traditional" approach. Technology Networks interviewed the lead researchers to understand why it could be a useful alternative measure of health.