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Accelrys Receives Highest Rating in Gartner's Latest Laboratory Informatics System Report

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Accelrys, Inc. has announced that Gartner, Inc­., has rated the company "very high" in a recent report[1] on Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) vendors. Accelrys was the only vendor to achieve the highest possible rating of "very high" in all five categories of new product development (NPD) – concept, research, development, transfer and manufacturing – and was among only four ELN vendors of 23 to also offer a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution.

The report is based on insights collected by Gartner throughout hundreds of interviews, briefings and interactions with various clients.

According to Gartner research director Michael Shanler, "Leaders with ERP and product life cycle management (PLM) experience are asking how difficult it is to move toward developing end-to-end scientific insights to better support the entire spectrum from earlier-stage concept development through late-stage manufacturing. This allure of end-to-end informatics is very attractive, but entering this space requires IT organizations to rethink their approach towards laboratory-centric activities."

"Accelrys software solutions cover the entire product lifecycle for organizations that rely on science to innovate in their products and processes," said Accelrys President and CEO Max Carnecchia. "We believe Accelrys' very high ratings in Gartner's recent report confirm our industry-leading ability to advance predictive, sustainable innovation across the industries we serve."