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Latest Industry Insights

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Industry Insight

What’s on the Horizon for Clinical Trials in 2023?

From increasing trial diversity to using plants to manufacture drugs, the experts weigh in.
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Industry Insight

Leading by Example, Challenging the Sustainability Mindset

We spoke to Darlene Solomon to learn more about improving sustainability in science and Agilent’s commitment to My Green Lab and other sustainability initiatives.
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Industry Insight

Novelis Taps HPC and SigOpt Platform To Optimize Products for Strength and Safety

Did you know that the common soda can is one of the most highly engineered products you’ll ever hold in your hand? This interesting piece describes how high-performance computing helps a company design the perfect aluminum can.
Results of a cDNA microarray, reflecting the gene expression differences between two different tissues.
Industry Insight

Innovations and Versatility in Modern Microarray Technology

In this interview, CEO of Arrayjet Dr. Iain McWilliam discusses advancements in modern microarray technology and the benefits that these tools can provide for high-throughput screening.
Industry Insight

Translating Data Into Clinical Insights With Bioinformatics

In this interview, we find out about how bioinformatics can help researchers extract more information from complex datasets and how this contributes to a holistic approach to healthcare.
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Industry Insight

How Bioinformatics Can Be Used To Develop Precision Cancer Therapies

In this opinion piece, Daniel Elgort takes a look at how bioinformatics has already shaped the cancer care landscape and how its role will continue to grow over time.
Industry Insight

Using Data Lineage and Traceability to Optimize Publishing Potential

This article discusses the importance of data lineage and traceability for academic labs looking to maximize their publishing potential.
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Industry Insight

Failing Fast at the Forefront of Innovation for Pharma Companies

In this article, we explore how equipment, laboratory and experimental approaches can accelerate failure so companies change and adjust their approach before it’s too late.
Industry Insight

Advancing 60 GHz Contactless Communications Using HPC Technologies

In this article, learn how semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics is using advanced HPC technologies to help its customers and partners explore the world of next-generation wireless.
Industry Insight

BYOD: The Future of Clinical Trials

BYOD has become an essential cornerstone of modern clinical trials. This article discusses the adoption of BYOD and the benefits it can bring to patients.