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It's Official...LABVANTAGE 6 Has Been Released!

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Video Blog by Dave Ciabattoni and Jeff Vannest of LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc.

Dave Ciabattoni, Senior Director of Software Development, and Jeff Vannest, Director of Strategic Solutions, discuss the recent release of LABVANTAGE 6.

LABVANTAGE 6, which was released on Monday, January 16th, was an intensive, 18-month project. Jeff and Dave touch upon many topics, including how the developers worked closely with customers, the three leading industry application servers and opportunities for SQL*LIMS customers. The video below explains much more on these and other important topics.

The video can be viewed here 


LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Somerset, NJ, with offices around the world. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for the laboratory, including Laboratory Information Management Solutions (LIMS), quality electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and business intelligence. www.labvantage.com.