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Optimizing the Design-Build-Test-Learn Cycle in Protein Engineering

Optimizing the Design-Build-Test-Learn Cycle in Protein Engineering  content piece image

Protein engineering has emerged as a powerful tool for a wide range of applications, including biocatalysts, biosensors, therapeutics, bioremediation and biofuels. 

The design-build-test-learn (DBTL) cycle is a cornerstone of protein engineering as it enables scientists to test the performance of different protein sequences. Access to affordable, high-throughput synthetic DNA helps to overcome common bottlenecks of DBTL cycles and accelerate discovery.

This eBook is an essential read for anyone interested in the evolution of protein engineering and the impact of synthetic DNA on the optimization of protein discovery. 

Download this eBook to learn more about:

• The evolution of protein engineering

• Using synthetic DNA to improve the efficiency of DBTL cycles

• How artificial intelligence is driving advances in protein engineering

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