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Discover a Clear and Easy Guide to ELISAs

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Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISAs) are the immunoassay of choice when measuring protein levels in biological fluids. They offer unmatched sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy while tolerating harsh buffers or pretreatments.

A wide array of ELISA kits are readily available, each with unique advantages, from direct and indirect to sandwich and competitive ELISAs.  To ensure precision and reproducibility it is essential to choose the right kit, master sample preparation and optimize experimental setup.

This guide explores how to get the most from an ELISA and provides the tools to achieve accurate and consistent immunoassay performance.

Download this guide to explore:

  • The latest range of ELISA formats
  • Optimization strategies to ensure performance and consistency
  • Troubleshooting advice when performing ELISAs

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