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Latest Infographics

Metabolomics Infographic

Navigate Your Way to Precise and Scalable Untargeted Metabolomics

This infographic explores a cutting-edge technology that overcomes these challenges and access previously unreachable metabolomic information. Built on top of a first-of-its-kind Large Spectral Model (LSM), this revolutionary platform allows researchers to achieve untargeted absolute quantitative metabolomic results directly from raw spectra.

How Proper Cleaning of Your Lab Can Improve Data Integrity

This infographic explores best practices for daily cleaning of laboratory balances and highlights how the new generation of Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Balances from Sartorius can help guide you through the cleaning process with a built-in cleaning app and tool-free assembly and disassembly.
AI and Lab of the Future

AI and the Lab of the Future

In this infographic, we explore some of the potential AI holds for the future of laboratory research.
Women Working With Software

Optimize Your Lab's Efficiency With System Monitoring

Manually tracking system status and usage can be a time-consuming and expensive burden on a lab’s resources. However, the latest system monitoring software uses real-time insights to enable dynamic planning and scheduling.
Ensure Data Integrity

How To Ensure Accurate Weighing Results in Challenging Conditions

Lab balances play a critical role in workflows, due to the foundational data for downstream analytics. However, accurate weighing results depend on an array of variables.
Smiling cell cartoons floating above the infographic title and company name.

Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry

There are a host of parameters that may be assessed in the cell biology lab and the flow cytometer is a key tool in doing so. In this infographic, we explore how flow cytometry works, what analyses can tell us and the applications of flow cytometry.
Illustration of a rainbow of colors bursting up to the top of the image and the title Applications of Mass Spectrometry

Applications of Mass Spectrometry

Download this infographic to explore the diverse applications to which MS is being applied, how technique variants and hyphenation can help meet analytical needs and the capabilities of MS that make it well suited to certain analytical challenges.
Data Integrity Lab

Data Integrity: The Heart of Lab Compliance

In order to prove the integrity of their data, scientists must follow strict and complex guidelines and adhere to reporting standards. Different data types may also have different compliance requirements, each of which may evolve in response to technological advancements, industry experience or emerging global risks.

7 Tips for a Stress-Free Lab Relocation content piece image

7 Tips for a Stress-Free Lab Relocation

Relocating your lab can be stressful, costly, and can result in prolonged or unexpected downtime. Hence, it’s important to opt for a relocation service that you can trust.
Data Integrity Risks content piece image

Data Integrity Risks

Download this infographic to explore what data integrity is, why it is so important and how common data integrity risks can be avoided.