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“Make Up Your Own Holiday” Day

“Make Up Your Own Holiday” Day content piece image
Credit: Pixabay

In honor of this day, we asked some of our staff back at Technology Networks HQ what they would choose to see celebrated on a global level. If you need a bit of light relief at the moment, these may raise a smile – what a mixed bunch!

I love the satisfaction of growing something I can eat, seeing it through from seed to fork and having the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and work in the garden – good for mind, body and soul 😊

- Karen, Science Writer

A topic that means something dear to me….. (because if we could keep this to one day of the year only, the world will be a better place).

- Rob, Account Manager

Never underestimate the power of some nice new stationery to motivate a person. I love a novelty pen, and possess every color highlighter under the sun (I only use one of those colors but they look pretty on my desk)

Louise, Social Media Co-ordinator

A day out on the golf course in the sunshine with everything going right – best score ever and then a lovely Guinness in the Club House.  Or two…. Or three!

- Aggie, Office Administrator

I live in Sheffield where we have the most amazing pork sandwich shops. A classic pork sandwich with “everything on” entails a nice breadcake spread with dripping, stuffing, pork, crackling and of course apple sauce dolloped on there too. I think we should have a day where it’s socially acceptable to eat them from breakfast, lunch and tea. Mmmm!

- Molly, Science Writer and Editor

100% the best flavor and yet severely underrated – they deserve some appreciation!

- Holly, Editorial Assistant

When I was a child, I used to watch Popeye the cartoon on Saturday mornings, and be fascinated with the superman strength that he received from inhaling a can of spinach. Even though some aspects of the cartoon is now dated (popeye with a constant pipe in his mouth), I still remember it fondly. It was to my delight when I found out that on the 26th March 1937, Spinach growers in Crystal City, Texas celebrated the cartoon character by erecting a full-coloured statue of him, with the creator’s, E.C. Segar’s blessing. Therefore, I think that the 26th March should be Popeye day!

- Beccy, Scientific Content Creator