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Supporting the Next Generation of Scientists

Supporting the Next Generation of Scientists content piece image
Credit: busbus/rawpixel

As a young researcher, or someone at the beginning of their scientific career, the prospect of juggling your passion for science with the everyday realities of being a scientist can feel somewhat daunting.

Supporting the next generation of scientists through the early stages of their career is vital in ensuring that confident, inquisitive and capable researchers continue to join the scientific community for years to come.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of guides and articles to help those at the beginning of their career, spanning a whole range of topics, from grad school and the publication process to mental health and gender inequality.

Grad school 101   

Life in the lab

Scientific writing and publishing your work

Want to pursue a career outside of academia but still make use of the skills you’ve gained? Science writing could be the job for you.

Looking after your mental health

Tips from the TN team

Utilize all resources available through your institution, e.g. peer support groups, a tutor or someone you trust that can be your mentor, perhaps even resources provided on campus.                          
 - Molly, Science Writer
Remember to take time out. Research culture can often make you feel like you should be pulling ridiculous hours, but that can be  more detrimental to your work than it is beneficial. Avoiding  burnout and looking after your mental health will make you more productive in the long run.
- Holly, Editorial Assistant
If you are having a “bad” day – talk about it. It is surprising how much better you feel when you share a problem or frustration. To this day I remember one of my lecturers saying “remember to take a five-minute brain break” – walk away, take a moment, rest that brain and resume in five!                        
- Laura, Science Writer

Tackling issues of inequality and discrimination

The scientific field isn’t immune to issues of inequality and discrimination, both in the research it produces and within the community itself. Regardless of personal impact, we can all do our bit to help end inequality in science and one of the best ways these issues can be tackled is to expand our knowledge and understanding.