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Pink cells.

Long-Lived Proteins Are Essential to Egg Cell Maintenance

Long-lived proteins in egg cells appear to help maintain fertility for as long as possible.
A silverback gorilla stands against a rock wall.

Larger Animals Do Not Have Proportionally Bigger Brains, Challenging Long-Held Beliefs About Brain Evolution

A study of 1,500 species reveals that the largest animals do not have proportionally bigger brains, challenging long-held beliefs about brain evolution.
Four band-aids on a blue background

Band-Aid-Like Microlaser Device Measures Glucose Levels From Sweat

Scientists have developed a band-aid-like device that measures biomarkers in sweat to indicate health or disease, paving the way for a new non-invasive and effective way for patients to monitor their health.
A patient in a hospital gown receives treatment through an IV.

AI Model Can Select Treatments To Help Improve Cancer Therapy Responses

A new artificial intelligence tool that can help to select the most suitable treatment for cancer patients has been developed by researchers at The Australian National University.
A person holds a mobile phone with one hand and touches the screen with the other.

Mobile Phone Data Could Help Prevent Future Superbug Outbreaks

Combining a pathogen's genomic DNA with human travel patterns from anonymized mobile phone data provides a new way to prevent superbug outbreaks.
The letters AI emblazoned on a computer chip.

AI Model Detects Cancer Clues Better and Faster Than Current Methods

Researchers have developed an AI model that increases the potential for detecting cancer through sugar analyses.
A monkey.

Mathematical Theory Suggests Microbial Role in Male Mammal Milk Production

Being nursed by a single parent could be an evolutionary strategy to curb the spread of harmful microbes in mammals, according to a novel theory developed by mathematicians.
A futuristic lab.

Breast Cancer Diagnosed With Near 100% Accuracy Using AI System

Scientists have developed a new AI architecture designed to detect breast cancer that the researchers say has achieved an accuracy rate of 99.72%.
Two microscope images of sodium sulfate.

Determining Chemical Composition From Simple Photos of Salt Stains

New research has used the patterns formed by a dried salt solution to train a machine learning algorithm to identify the chemical composition of different salts.
AI written on a computer chip.

Simplified Models of Living Neurons Could Hold Back AI Development

The new model proposes that biological neurons have more control over their surroundings than previously thought, something that could be replicated in the artificial neural networks used in machine learning.