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A hornet sitting on a flower.

AI System Detects Invasive Asian Hornets

University of Exeter researchers have developed VespAI, an automated system that attracts hornets to a monitoring station and captures standardised images using an overhead camera.
An X ray of lungs.

AI Detects Tumor Cells To Predict Bone Cancer Prognoses

Researchers have developed and validated a machine-learning model that can accurately evaluate the density of surviving tumor cells after treatment.
A butterfly on a flower.

AI Inspired by Butterflies' Mating Behavior

How Heliconius butterflies process two sensory inputs, pheromones and vision, at once to find a mate may inspire improved, multi-sensory artificial intelligence, according to a team of Penn State researchers.
Guidelines for the design of intercalated materials.

Physics-Based Predictive Tool To Speed Up Battery and Superconductor Research

Researchers have devised a straightforward equation that correctly predicts the stability of intercalated materials. The systematic design guidelines will speed up the development of upcoming high-performance electronics and energy-storage devices.
A robot smiles at a person.

Meet Emo: The Friendly Robotic Face That Uses AI To Anticipate a Person’s Smile

A new robot has been designed to anticipate facial expressions and execute them simultaneously with a human.
A gray strand of DNA.

AI Reveals How Our Personality Influences the Expression of Our Genes

A new study is the first to measure the transcription of the entire genome in relation to human personality, showing how our personalities influence gene expression.
Double helix structure of DNA.

Using Ancient DNA To Reveal the Face of Chinese Emperor Wu

The study suggests the Chinese Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou death at the age of 36 might be linked to a stroke. It also sheds light on the origin and migration patterns of a nomadic empire that once ruled parts of northeastern Asia.
Different beers.

AI Can Now Predict the Taste of Beer

Researchers from the Leuven Institute for Beer Research in Belgium have developed AI models that can predict how a beer will taste based on its chemical makeup.
A computer chip that looks like a human brain.

AI Tool Maps Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Soft tissue sarcomas are rare and difficult to treat. Machine-learning tools designed at Stanford Medicine uncover distinct cellular communities that correlate with prognosis, immunotherapy success.
Five vials of medicine on a red background

Tardigrade Proteins Capable of Slowing Metabolism in Human Cells

Researchers have new insight into how tardigrades survive extreme conditions and have shown that proteins from the microscopic creatures expressed in human cells can slow down molecular processes.