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A young child reads a book, pointing at pictures.

AI Learns Through the Eyes and Ears of a Child

A research team has trained a neural network through the eyes and ears of a child, using inputs from headcam videos. The research could reshape our understanding of early language and concept acquisition.

Promising Heart Drug Identified With Machine Learning

UVA researchers have identified a promising new drug, using AI, to treat harmful scarring that can occur after heart attacks and other injuries.
Embryonic development.

Virus Guides Embryo Development After Infecting Primitive Organisms Millions of Years Ago

Millions of years ago, ancient retroviruses infected some of the world’s earliest organisms. Now, the remnants of their genome in modern organism's DNA helps to shape the process of embryonic development.
Protein structure.

Computer-Aided Protein Design Yields Customizable Hydrogels

New research demonstrates a new class of hydrogels that can form not just outside cells, but also inside of them. The team created these hydrogels from protein building blocks designed using a computer to form a specific structure.
A picture showing the drawing of blood.

Diagnostic Test Detects Ovarian Cancer With 93% Accuracy

Researchers have developed a machine learning-based classifier, which utilizes metabolic profiles of serum samples, to accurately identify people with ovarian cancer.
Fingers over braille.

Robot Trained To Read Braille Twice as Fast as Humans

Researchers have developed a robotic sensor that incorporates artificial intelligence techniques to read braille at speeds roughly double that of most human readers.
Diagram of the colloidal reservoir computer: polymer- and gold-covered particles, which are controlled by a laser and perform calculations.

Utilizing Active Microparticles for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence using neural networks performs calculations digitally with the help of microelectronic chips. Physicists have now created a type of neural network that works not with electricity but with so-called active colloidal particles.
A young boy sings into a microphone.

Is Musical Instinct a Universal Human Trait?

Music is often referred to as the universal language, but is musical instinct a universal human trait?
Infographic of the proposed method.

Using Machine Learning To Improve the Structural Analysis of Buildings

Researchers combine traditional mathematical approaches and cutting-edge machine learning methods for improved analysis of building structures.
A tree.

AI Can Now Simulate Tree Growth

A research team has discovered that artificial intelligence can simulate tree growth and shape. DNA inspires the application of deep learning to long-standing computer graphics problem.