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A large ship docked by a quay with an expanse of water and bridge in the background.

Climate Cycles Changed by "Warm Ice Age"

Around 700,000 years ago, a “warm ice age” permanently changed the climate cycles on Earth, data suggests, representing a critical step in the later climate evolution of our planet.
An older person sits on a sofa, holding a smartphone. They are wearing headphones.

Machine Learning Model Analyzes Speech To Detect Alzheimer's

A machine learning model has been used to identify Alzheimer's disease by analyzing speech. The researchers hope the model could be turned into a smartphone-based screening tool.
A brain made of computer-like components.

AI Deep Dives Could Reveal Drug Targets for Alzheimer's Cure

Artificial intelligence is helping researchers identify causes of Alzheimer’s disease and potential drug targets by looking deep into the human brain to map the molecular changes that healthy neurons undergo with disease progression.
AI Tool Enables Quick and Reliable Imaging of Proteins in Cells content piece image

AI Tool Enables Quick and Reliable Imaging of Proteins in Cells

Max Planck researchers programmed a tool that accurately recognizes and picks proteins in electron cryo-tomography, substituting troublesome hand selection.
A laptop and an open notepad with a pen resting on a table.

Using AI Can Shift Your Opinion

Artificial intelligence-powered writing assistants that autocomplete sentences or offer “smart replies” not only put words into people’s mouths, they also put ideas into their heads, according to new research.
A man clutching his chest in pain which is highlighted in red.

AI Could Improve Heart Attack Diagnosis

An algorithm developed using artificial intelligence could soon be used by doctors to diagnose heart attacks with better speed and accuracy than ever before.
Lots of orange pill bottles.

One in Ten Individuals Are Affected by Autoimmune Disorders

A new population-based study involving 22 million people shows that autoimmune disorders now affect about one in ten individuals.
Human silhouettes against a sunset.

Early Humans Adapted to Mosaic Landscapes and Diverse Food Resources

According to research, our human ancestors were uniquely equipped to survive in harsh environments and had a liking for mosaic landscapes, with a great variety of plant and animal resources in close proximity.
Breast cancer cells.

Novel AI Software Can Identify Interactions Among Genes in and Around Tumors

SpaceMarkers, a new machine learning software developed, can identify molecular interactions among distinct types of cells in and around a tumor.
A female using an AI bot on a laptop.

More Than a Third of Students Use AI Bots

Students are positive towards AI tools such as ChatGPT in education, but 62 percent believe that using chatbots during exams is cheating.