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3E Form Strategic Alliance with Dotmatics

3E Form Strategic Alliance with Dotmatics content piece image
Credit: 3E Company
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3E Company has announced a strategic alliance with Dotmatics, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services to the life sciences industry. The alliance will offer Dotmatics and 3E customers access to a range of integrated applications designed to optimize scientific information management, chemical and formula risk analysis, environmental compliance, and workplace safety while helping to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Having access to reliable and up-to-date scientific and regulatory information enables life sciences businesses to improve knowledge management, data storage, and decision support. 3E Company is a Verisk Analytics business. 


Dotmatics will integrate 3E’s award-winning 3E Online® - SDS Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management solution and comprehensive Ariel® substance-level chemical regulatory content with several of its applications, including the Studies Notebook for capturing chemistry experiments; Register for chemical and sample registration; Inventory for sample, plate, and resource tracking; and Browser for data federation, querying, and reporting. 


Potential benefits of deploying the integrated applications include the following:

optimized scientific informatics by providing users with streamlined access to accurate and up-to-date chemical property data, hazard information, and current SDSs for optimized decision support 

improved compliance by providing users with accurate and up-to-date EH&S regulatory content to track their obligations under regulations such as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

reduced risk by having an accurate, accessible system in place to more efficiently monitor laboratory chemicals and associated regulations, hazards, and safety information


“Our collaboration with Dotmatics underscores our commitment to serving the life sciences community, which faces unique challenges in accessing accurate chemical hazard and safety information while conforming with a myriad of EH&S regulations,” said Edmund Webecke, president, 3E Company. “We’re proud to have established a relationship with Dotmatics that helps ease the burden of these challenges through the seamless integration of our respective industry-leading offerings.”


Having access to a range of integrated applications will enable customers to create a customized platform that meets their specific business requirements. Integrating 3E Online with the Dotmatics Inventory and Studies Notebook applications will provide users with a central repository of SDSs pertaining to their chemical inventory so they can access, manage, and update SDSs 24/7/365. The integration of Ariel regulatory data with the Dotmatics Register and Studies Notebook applications can streamline access to chemical hazard classifications, enhance scientific informatics, and provide a single source for accessing data on relevant compounds and inventories. 


“3E and Dotmatics are jointly committed to improving employee and workplace safety,” said Dr. Stephen Gallagher, CEO, Dotmatics. “Our alliance with 3E helps make that vision a reality by offering our joint customers easy access to the data and integrated applications they need to conform to regulations at the federal and international levels.”

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