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Two mice juggling on top of a record player.

AI Learns and Predicts User Behaviors

Researchers have created an open-source platform known as A-SOiD that can learn and predict user-defined behaviors, just from video.
A person pouring a bottle of pills into their hand.

Model Identifies Potential Drug Combinations To Avoid

A new model has been designed to identify drugs that should not be prescribed together. It has already identified common drugs – an antibiotic and a blood thinner – that may interfere with each other.
Molecular structure.

Deep Learning Model Can Predict Single-Molecule Magnets

The method identifies magnetic materials solely based on their crystal structure, eliminating the need for time-consuming experiments and simulations.
Light breaks through the ocean's surface.

Researchers Catalogue Ocean Viruses That Can Capture Carbon

By combining genomic sequencing data with AI analysis, researchers are zeroing in on the ocean viruses that can capture carbon and help combat climate change.
A metallic-organic framework shown in small spheres assembled into a grid shape.

AI Identifies New Materials for Carbon Capture

Generative AI, machine learning and simulations have been used to identify environmentally friendly metal-organic frameworks that can selectively absorb carbon dioxide.
Someone holding their smartphone.

AI Finds 15% of Americans Are Climate Change Deniers

Using social media data and artificial intelligence in a comprehensive national assessment, a new University of Michigan study reveals that nearly 15% of Americans deny that climate change is real.
Protein structure.

AI Tool Can Predict the Role of Unknown Proteins

Powered by logic and large language models, DeepGO-SE predicts the biological role of proteins and could be used to aid drug discovery.
A brain with lines of electricity surrounding.

First Successful Use of a Neural Prosthetic Device To Recall Memories

Do you struggle to remember whether you turned off the stove? A neural prosthetic device can learn a person's memory patterns to help the brain recall memories.
Mass spectrometer.

Machine Learning Tackles Issue of Large Data Variations in Metabolomics

The method reduces differences, often seen between data from different sample sets, that have long hindered progress in the field.
A robot built to test their model of how insects navigate.

How Do Insects Navigate More Efficiently Than Robots?

With a brain the size of a pinhead, insects perform fantastic navigational feats. They avoid obstacles and move through small openings. How do they do this, with their limited brain power?