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Is This Why Our Sense of Smell Declines in Old Age?

News   Dec 20, 2018 | Original story from the German Research Center for Environmental Health

Aging Comes With Reduced Differentiation of Stem Cells into Olfactory Cells

The development of stem cells was tracked using 'confetti reporters'. Image credit: Helmholtz Zentrum München



Defining the Dendritic Field of the Connections That Link Cerebral Hemispheres


Researchers at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience have developed a new combination of technologies that allows them to identify the functional properties of individual synapses that link the two hemispheres and determine how they are arranged within a neuron’s dendritic field.


Study Links Moving More in Older Age to Sharper Memory


Older adults who move more, either with daily exercise or even simple routine physical activity like housework, may preserve more of their memory and thinking skills, even if they have brain lesions or biomarkers linked to dementia, according to a new study. Nevertheless, more research must be done to prove a causative link between the two.


Weigh to Go: Scientists Identify the Link Between Genetics and Body Fat Distribution


A research team has found that whether you store your fat around the trunk or in other parts of your body is highly influenced by genetic factors and that this effect is present predominantly in women and to a much lower extent in men.



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