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Chemware Partners with American Water to Further Enhance Laboratory Processes

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ChemWare has announced that it is partnering with American Water to further enhance the laboratory processes at its Central Laboratory. Since its opening in 1981, the lab has been dedicated to drinking water analysis and quality measurement.

Now the Central Laboratory facility and remote utility labs will employ a complete LIMS solution for supporting and automating laboratory tasks and processes.

The selection of ChemWare’s HORIZON LIMS software is part of American Water’s broader plan to grow and expand its operations, which includes improving its LIMS systems, enhancing attributes and enabling even more effective data management.

With the implementation of HORIZON, American Water’s Central Laboratory in Belleville, Ill., will be able to automate and manage all aspects of its laboratory information systems; provide accessibility to the information from its remote labs, including scheduling of sample delivery, availability of on-demand reporting and utilization of executed sampling and analysis programs; allow integration with other data management systems within the labs; and provide for growth and change in future laboratory practices.

“Each year, we conduct more than one million tests and measurements using the most advanced technology and equipment available. HORIZON LIMS will further enhance our laboratory processes by providing the central and remote utility labs with a single centralized data system, simplified scheduling and workflow, and a data mechanism for automated sample alerts and assessment,” said William Deckelmann, laboratory director, American Water.

HORIZON LIMS is a COTS software system, which for 20 years has met the varied requirements of thousands of LIMS users employed in laboratories. With its versatile Rules Engine Configuration tool, the system is able to satisfy the complex needs of varied customers, and has successfully handled every test method, analyte, matrix, workflow, calculation, business rule, QC and regulatory requirement, data source, and file/report output format without change to the core LIMS code.

“HORIZON will be configured to meet all of American Water’s requirements, using the same tools they will rely on for ongoing system maintenance,” said Conor Ward, director, business development, ChemWare.

Ward continued, “We configure the system using proven project management systems, and we’ll help American Water personnel to establish the skills that will allow them to continue to maintain and enhance the system.”

ChemWare’s specialty within the water and wastewater sector is working with larger and/or multi-site operations that provide full-service drinking water, wastewater, and environmental testing, in which ChemWare is considered a market leader.

HORIZON LIMS users experience reductions in operating costs, increases in laboratory testing capacity, improved data quality, shortened turnaround time, improvements in the efficiency of reporting processes, and are able to shift labor to areas of the operation where value can be added.