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CloudLIMS.com Adds Robust Multi-analyte Testing Functionality to CloudLIMS Lite

CloudLIMS.com Adds Robust Multi-analyte Testing Functionality to CloudLIMS Lite content piece image
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CloudLIMS.com has released a new version of its pay-as-you-go LIMS, CloudLIMS Lite. CloudLIMS Lite is a feature-rich LIMS assisting biobanks, clinical, research and testing laboratories keep track of their biospecimens and testing workflows. The new version is more efficient in facilitating testing and reporting of multiple analytes. This release empowers the sample testing workflows reducing their turnaround times.

Multi-analyte testing facilitates the analysis of clinical, environmental and cannabis samples, where large number of analytes are analyzed in a single test, aiding research and diagnosis. Clinical samples tested for multiple analytes provide adequate data to accurately predict the biology of diseases followed by precise treatments. On the other hand, the environmental and cannabis testing industries have several laboratories performing qualitative and quantitative tests. Environmental labs perform tests on soil, air, and water; cannabis testing labs perform tests for potency, terpene, microbial, residual solvent, pesticide and heavy metals on marijuana samples. Be it any industry, managing such massive amounts of testing data and results accurately is critical for delivering appropriate testing outcomes. CloudLIMS Lite is now equipped with the ability to efficiently manage testing & reporting to help laboratories follow ISO 17025, NELAC and CLIA guidelines.

Key Highlights:

Create analyte groups for each test and configure one or more analytes under a group.

Specify a range for every analyte and create flagging sets such as high, low, critical high, critical low etc. to flag test results based on obtained values.

Enter results accurately in a streamlined intuitive user interface. 

Publish test reports containing multiple analytes for your clients.

Professionalize your reports by including digital signatures. Format the report content using the in-built text formatting options in the reporting tool for a custom view. 

Include additional information such as clinical interpretation, diagnosis summary etc. for comprehensive and succinct test reporting.

“Recent advances in research and diagnosis have propelled the testing industry towards the development of multi-analyte based in-vitro testing of samples,” said Arun Apte, Chief Executive Officer at CloudLIMS.com. “The new version of CloudLIMS Lite is geared up to meet the present-day requirements of testing laboratories. Our unique product offers robust functionality by streamlining multi-analyte testing and results reporting, and thereby, accelerating sample testing turnaround times. Our goal is to deliver secure and expandable turnkey solutions meeting the ever changing demands of laboratory data management,” continued Arun Apte.