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Coimbra Genomics Seals Six Partnerships for Global Expansion

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Coimbra has partnered with the Preventicum Institute for Individualized Medicine (Essen, Germany), the Rambam Medical Center (Haifa, Israel), the Coimbra Hospital and University Center – CHUC (Coimbra, Portugal), the Ruppiner Kliniken (Berlin- Brandenburg Health Region, Germany) and the German Hospital Oswaldo Cruz– HAOC (São Paulo, Brazil).

In addition, Coimbra has joined an Estonia-based international consortium in a feasibility study for the development of decision support systems in Personalized Medicine. The consortium is led by Estonia’s Competence Center on Health Technologies and will contribute to the Estonian Personalized Medicine Initiative, which aims to solidify that country’s position as a world leader in the field, through a number of breakthrough measures including the piloting of personalized medicine tools at national level. Estonia is among the first countries in the World where whole exome sequencing of newborns for relevant clinical cases is deemed reimbursable by the State and where a Government Office has been created specifically for e-Services and Innovation in Healthcare.

Coimbra’s partners are all leaders in their fields, and are among the largest and/or most advanced hospitals in their respective regions. CHUC, for example, is the largest public hospital in Portugal, while HAOC is widely regarded as one of the top three hospitals in Brazil. Coimbra’s alliance with HAOC is designed to allow joint expansion to other top hospitals across South America. Together, Coimbra’s new partners serve several million patients.

“Convinced that cardiovascular medicine right now is entering the era of molecular, personalized medicine, we are happy to cooperate with Coimbra to link genetic and personalized information”, said Prof. Kurt J.G. Schmailzl, head of the cardiology department of Ruppiner Kliniken.

Dr. Amir Karban, Director of Internal Medicine at the Rambam Healthcare Campus, added that “[Rambam] are enthusiastic to continue working with Coimbra Genomics. This collaboration follows with our aim to be in the forefront in the implementation of Individualized Medicine for the sake of our patients.” “More predictability and precision in Individualized medicine, in the future, can only be reached with more input from genetic analysis”, said Prof. Dietrich Baumgart, founder and President of Preventicum.

“We are very happy to enter the initial stage of our global deployment plan with such a high quality group of partners. This is indeed a very important and exciting step in the path to let ELSIE® support physicians and improve healthcare all around the world” said Dr. Bruno Soares, Coimbra’s CEO. Coimbra is in conversations with various other players in Europe and Asia, with a view to future partnerships.

Coimbra’s ELSIE® software platform is the first of its kind designed to allow any medical doctor, anywhere, to use genomic information from patients to make better decisions on prescription and diagnosis, all in the setting of a regular medical appointment. The technology was originally developed in Portugal in association with a group of local physicians, software engineers and biomedical law experts.