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Continued Expansion for Qlucore

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Qlucore has appointed Jan Nilsson as Director of Sales for Nordic countries.

Jan, who holds a M.Sc. from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) at Lund University, Sweden, has held the positions of CEO, sales manager, regional manager and business area manager within the IT sector for the past twenty five years.

Most recently he was the CEO for the IT software product branch of Jayway, a Swedish IT group with offices in the Nordics and in the US.

With a successful track record for expanding business in existing and new markets, Jan has worked closely with leading IT software companies in Europe and in the US. Jan has experience in software sales in both the private and the public sector, including universities and research institutes, and believes strongly in good sales and product development and support. At Qlucore his focus will be on the development of sales of the Qlucore product range, primarily in the Nordic region.

Jan’s appointment is part of Qlucore’s commitment to delivering a high level of customer service, and continued business expansion. Qlucore’s customer base now spans more than 25 countries, and includes several of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and international research institutions.

At the end of 2014 the company established Qlucore Inc. in the States, enabling them to offer an enhanced level of service to their expanding American client base.

“We are delighted with the appointment of Jan, with his range of experiences, and contacts, which will help to build and strengthen Qlucore’s position in the Nordic region,” commented Carl-Johan Ivarsson, President, Qlucore.