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Contur Software Awarded Contract from Mount Sinai School of Medicine

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PRIME (Program for Research on Immune Modeling and Experimentation) is a research collaboration between Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Princeton University, Yale University, Ohio State University, BioAnalytics Group LLC and Contur Software AB. The main goal of PRIME is to develop computational models for the response of human dendritic cells to pathogenic viral infection, and to provide education in computational immunology to researchers from various research fields.

 A success factor in previous PRIME work has been the use of the electronic laboratory notebook ConturELN from Contur Software, implemented in 2008, for capturing experimental data used in the modeling of immune processes. The Contur subcontract extends over a period of five years and will be used to adapt the electronic laboratory notebook system and deploy a platform that bridges the gap between researchers and modelers.

 ConturELN will be used by all participating groups in order to capture and share experimental results and conclusions. The overall design of experiments covers seven pandemic and seasonal viruses, such as the pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza virus. Through data models and laboratory experiments the aims are to further increase the understanding of innate immune responses to these viruses.

 “Using ConturELN in the previous project was very successful”, says Professor Stuart Sealfon, PI at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.” The system has made documenting the experiments easy for the scientists. We are looking forward to the next step of the project, in which more detailed connections to the underlying modeling database will be made”, Professor Sealfon concludes.

 The user interface of the electronic laboratory notebook will be adapted to automatically connect to the central database, so that the user may easily select suitable protocols and templates for data upload. The deliverables from Contur Software also include maintenance and support.

 “We are proud to have become members of the PRIME project, The award will enable us to further develop the ConturELN platform to better support immunology research and also confirms our position as a leading ELN provider in the United States”, says Thomas Rozlucki, CEO at Contur Software.