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Courtagen, Certainty Health Partner

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Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. has announced an agreement with Certainty Health, LLC to implement a cloud-based collaborative ecosystem that will accelerate knowledge sharing of critical genotypic to phenotypic correlations, as well as physician-driven treatment data for various neurological diseases. Certainty Health is developing the world's first mobile precision medicine platform that will provide physicians and their patients with actionable molecular knowledge about neurological diseases, the diagnostics to detect them, and the treatments available. 

"We are excited to partner with a truly innovative company, like Courtagen, to address the unmet genetic-information and knowledge needs of physicians in their pursuit to integrate advanced diagnostics into their patient’s health care," stated Chris Yoo, President and COO of Certainty Health. "Courtagen’s rapidly growing database of neurological disease variants, coupled with the associated pathogenicity and phenotype information, is an ideal dataset upon which to build our ecosystem foundation in neurology.” 

Under the terms of the agreement, Courtagen will have exclusive access to Certainty Health’s plat form for neurological diseases. The two companies will work closely to map Courtagen’s clinical data, in a HIPAA compliant manner, into Certainty Health’s platform. Courtagen expects that the benefits of this system will extend well beyond its physician customer base, and also aid its pharmaceutical clients who have engaged the company to assist in clinical trial or therapeutic discovery endeavors. 

“With the explosion of medical research unlocked by the Human Genome Project and next-generation DNA sequencing, we are learning that many diseases like epilepsy, developmental delay, and autism are not single, common diseases, but really collections of diseases, some common, some quite rare,” said Brendan McKernan, President and COO of Courtagen. “It’s impossible for physicians to become experts in all of these rare diseases, and difficult to diagnose without genetic testing due to the overlapping nature of the symptoms, but a collaborative ecosystem, like the one we’re building with Certainty Health, will enable physicians to benefit from the group knowledge of their colleagues around the world and entirety of our test data.” 


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