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Era7 Bioinformatics is Granted with USD 100K

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Era7 Bioinformatics has been awarded with a grant from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain to fund, in part, an ongoing project with the objective of designing and testing new 16S amplicon and sequencing approaches to meet needs of specific kind of microbiomes.

“After our broad experience dealing with many kind of human microbiomes like gut, skin, mouth, gall bladder, airway, milk, etc., and environmental an industrial microbiomes like soils, sea water, waste water or foods we realized that different kinds of microbiomes demand different approaches in terms of regions to be amplified and sequencing strategy. Thus we started in 2015 a strategic research program devoted to find new better methods adapted for different projects. This rant will ensure the success of the project and will allow us to offer in a short time new cutting edge complete services, from samples to findings, to our customers”. Declared Dr. Eduardo Pareja, CEO of Era7 Bioinformatics.

The research project joins bioinformatics efforts with experimental work and is aligned with the strategic plan of Era7 Bioinformatics designed to be an international reference for bacterial genomics and metagenomics.