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GeneCloud - Semantic High Performance Cloud Computing Software for the Life Sciences

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The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) announced the 12 winners of the Trusted Cloud research program at the 2011 CeBIT in Hannover. Trusted Cloud fosters the development of secure cloud computing services. A total of 116 proposals were submitted to the 100 Mio Euro program.

GeneCloud, a proposal developed by Transinsight, TU Dresden, Antibodies Online, RESprotect, and Qualitype was selected as one of the 12 winners. The goal of GeneCloud is the development of cloud computing services for the life sciences.

The main problem for small and medium sized enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry is the access to high performance computing to analyze high-throughput experiments. In drug development, prediction of biomarkers, drug-target interactions and side effects are computationally intensive problems that will benefit from cloud computing.

"In order to better understand and treat diseases such as cancer, data analysis and computing plays an increasing role. Small companies should be enabled to use today’s computing power available in the cloud. However, the key problem is data security. Up to now there is a great barrier to release relevant data into the cloud. This problem is addressed in GeneCloud: we develop secure high-performance cloud computing services for the Life Science", says Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO of Transinsight.

Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder of TU Dresden states: "The understanding of protein- and gene-networks is of high relevance to develop medicine faster, cheaper and with less side effects. In GeneCloud we will adopt our state-of-the-art award-winning algorithms to the needs of small players. By a combination of cryptography and stenography we will secure critical data, that no one else but the owner can get insights provided by the cloud computers".

On top of winning the Trusted Cloud competition, Transinsight was awarded with the German Innovation Prize IT for its outstanding developments in Enterprise Semantic Intelligence at CeBIT 2011. The prize was given to 43 companies and research groups out of over 2000 submissions.