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Geneformics Launches the First Truly Scalable Genomics Data Compression Solution to Accelerate the Migration of Precision Medicine to the Cloud

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Geneformics Data Systems has released Geneformics D, a distributed cloud compression solution for genomics data that increases the efficiency and speed of upload, download, storage and archiving by up to 10X and decreases cost by 90 percent.


Geneformics D is integrated into the cloud infrastructure, providing seamless and truly scalable performance, unlike existing applications that are added to the genomic workflows.


Based on lossless compression technology co-developed with the Weizmann Institute of Science, Geneformics D is an enterprise-grade Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for genomics cloud installations. With Geneformics D’s technology, precision medicine data from population sequencing, gene banks, hereditary, and rare disease, cancer, and genomics-based pharmaceutical efficacy research can be automatically and transparently compressed, saving time, bandwidth, and significant storage space.


“Precision medicine is making the migration of genomic processes to a cloud infrastructure attractive for healthcare and research organizations, due to scalability, sharing features and ease of use,” said Rafael Feitelberg, Geneformics CEO. “Now organizations can seamlessly scale with genomic compression in the cloud, while accelerating analyses and reducing storage requirements.”


“With a single, whole-genome human sample involving approximately 250-300GB of data, we are addressing a major challenge faced by NGS practitioners,” said Arik Keshet, Geneformics CTO and founder. “With Geneformics D, compressed genomics data requires one tenth of the storage space that would have otherwise been needed. Additionally, Geneformics D works seamlessly and does not require changes to data formats or APIs.” 


Available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) with upcoming versions for other cloud providers, Geneformics D implements a distributed, compressed file system for the cloud. Geneformics D agents, installed on each compute instance, jointly implement an object-as-file, transparently compressed, standard file system for Linux. Unmodified applications are served with native format FASTQ and BAM files with on-the-fly decompression ensuring minimal impact on the bioinformatics pipeline. 

Additional Geneformics D features include: 

Intelligent caching of decompressed file segment on instance-attached disks accelerating processes

Seamless, virtually unbounded scale-out with the compute infrastructure.

Patent-pending, automatic management of genomic storage on the cloud, directing data to the most cost-effective storage tier. This provides savings of up to 50 percent in addition to the compression savings, through fine-grained object storage tiering.

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