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GenoLogics Announces Expansion

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GenoLogics has announced plans to expand in response to demand for its laboratory information management system, Clarity LIMS. The LIMS leader recently opened a new office in Redwood City, CA, and plans to grow every area of its operations this year to support the twofold growth of its customer base in 2014.

Built specifically for labs that work with -omics technologies, such as next generation sequencing, Clarity LIMS helps customers improve turnaround time, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and maintain regulatory compliance. Known for its superior usability and speedy implementation, Clarity LIMS provides multiple cloud and on-premise versions to accommodate labs of any size.

GenoLogics’ dramatic growth has been driven by increased demand for informatics among labs conducting translational and clinical genomics. Advances and better access to genomics technologies enable labs to sequence whole genomes and conduct a battery of tests at unprecedented rates.

Consequently, labs must manage data as they move through laboratory pipelines and integrate with a variety of different systems. Clinical and research customers alike use Clarity LIMS to rapidly scale to new technologies and throughput, integrate with other in-lab systems, and manage samples from receipt to final result.

“The explosive growth of our customer base indicates that labs understand the role of informatics in advancing both their research and clinical genomics operations,” states Michael Ball, GenoLogics CEO. “We will continue to provide all of our customers with high-value, exceptional informatics that help them increase the overall efficiencies in their lab.”

Late last year, GenoLogics was independently awarded Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Service Leadership award in the category of NGS Informatics. The award recognizes the affordability of Clarity LIMS and the positive impact it provides to its customers.

Providing positive impact for customers was a hiring focus last year as the Customer Success and Support groups doubled. This year, to further respond to customer inquiries and demand, GenoLogics will hire in the areas of development, support, product management, and operations.