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IDBS and Thomson Reuters Partner to Transform Biological Content Delivery

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IDBS has announced a partnership with the Intellectual Property & Science division of Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, to transform how researchers access curated biological content and apply it to their research workflow.

With this partnership, the companies have integrated their technology through the IDBS ScienceLink scientific content brokerage platform, enabling researchers to access the industry’s most trusted and accurate scientific content from Thomson Reuters IntegritySM, combined with the intuitive delivery methods of the Cortellis Targets API from within E-WorkBook Suite.

ScienceLink, a feature of IDBS’ E-WorkBook enterprise electronic laboratory notebook, allows customers to launch a single query to search and retrieve data from internal systems and from leading licensed external scientific data sources.

Thomson Reuters Integrity is a source of reliable, detailed information gathered across multiple disciplines that supports successful drug research and development.

With the integration, research teams can now search literature and curated sources via the Cortellis for Informatics Targets API directly within E-WorkBook.

Where previously users had to manually collate information, they can now integrate all their available knowledge, accessing data seamlessly and exporting it back to E-WorkBook with a single mouse click.

The combined solution will accelerate biological research in areas such as target identification and validation, experimental pharmacology, toxicology, and biomarker discovery.

By bringing together all relevant information 'just in time' and at the 'point of use’, this revolutionary search and delivery of biological content ensures relevant information is available when and where it is needed most, empowering researchers to make the most informed decisions.

“Biology is an important research area for our customers, and we are working to gather and deliver the highest quality and most relevant scientific content across the R&D lifecycle to help organizations speed innovation and deliver actionable insights and results,” said Joseph F. Donahue, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Thomson Reuters.

Donahue continued, “We are pleased to be working with IDBS on biology data management to improve the way in which biological content is delivered and used.”

“Partnering with Thomson Reuters, unique in its groundbreaking collection of quality and curated biological content, will streamline advanced biological research for our customers,” said Neil Kipling, Founder and CEO of IDBS.

Kipling continued, “It is crucial for researchers to have a solid knowledge base of the results of previous studies in order to direct future investigations. Previously, scientists would need to search in various systems and collate data manually. Now they can access insightful data at the right point in their research, presenting considerable savings in time and effort.”