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IDBS takes Silicon Valley Approach to Global R&D Software Delivery

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IDBS has announced the appointment of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Peter Murray. Responsible for the long term direction of IDBS’ vision and technology ambitions, Peter brings a fresh, start-up mindset to global research and development (R&D) software design and creation.

This agile approach, combined with deep domain expertise, reflects a deliberate shift towards a culture of empowerment across the organization and accelerates the pace of bringing new products to market.

“I’m a firm believer in fostering a culture of creativity, encouraging our software developers to try new things and drive great work. We’re investing in dynamic teams with cutting edge technology, industry and quality expertise. This enables us to put our users at the center of everything we do and deliver on the opportunities technology can offer in the industries we service,” said Peter. “Our agile development approach means we can build on the recent launch of E-WorkBook 10, implementing new features and functionality efficiently. We can also support an environment that attracts the best development talent that are keen to work in high performing, fast paced and innovative technology teams.”

Peter has excelled at architecting and developing software solutions and technology strategies for start-up, mid-size and large technology companies in his career. He’s led innovative technology teams in development, and held CTO and VP roles at Daktari, Quantrix, GoFish.com and Seafax among others. He also consulted on technology strategy and architecture for IDBS, prior to taking the CTO role with the company.

“As a British software company, bringing in a candidate like Peter with significant Silicon Valley experience demonstrates our commitment to creating an agile and innovative development environment. We’ve imported this ‘culture’ to give our global R&D capabilities the edge, and we’ve seen an acceleration of productivity as a result,” said Neil Kipling, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, IDBS. “This strategic appointment is an evolution of the business which allows us to push the boundaries of what we are doing and transform our approach to bringing technology to market.”

IDBS invests significantly in R&D each year to help deliver the most comprehensive, integrated informatics platform for enterprise innovation and is always on the lookout for top talent.