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IDBS Transforms ELN with Release of E-WorkBook 10

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IDBS has completely revitalized its ELN software for multidisciplinary research and development (R&D). A technology overhaul in E-WorkBook 10 provides users with new ways to visualize, present and consume data, including enhanced charting and canvasing capabilities.

The modern, clean web browser simplifies and speeds data capture and workflow, delivering flexible access away from the bench. The platform is primed to support scientists with today’s research complexities and is also a foundation for future iterations.

In an industry where speed to market is a competitive must, the E-WorkBook 10 transformation simplifies day-to-day tasks, such as authoring content, analyzing datasets or visualizing complex results, boosting productivity and efficiency.

The intuitive infrastructure streamlines the path from data input through to reporting, requiring fewer clicks. Via the enhanced web interface, the product is accessible through internet browsers with a web connection, increasing flexibility. Users can also personalize the application for a tailored experience.

Michael Elliott, Founder, CEO and Chief Analyst at Atrium Research & Consulting LLC said, “Firms are under significant pressure to bring products to market faster and reduce costs. With that there are also changes in the drivers seen a few years ago, including a move away from complex technology solutions, towards simple infrastructure. With many different data types and changing collaboration needs, the industry is moving in a new direction and informatics solutions which streamline the way data is recorded and accessed will play a key role.”

This modernization campaign also sees IDBS move its trusted spreadsheet technology to the web browser. Users can create and deploy spreadsheets which are fully interoperable across browsers on multiple devices. Researchers across all domains can enjoy greater freedom to access and input data, increasing collaboration and the sharing of intellectual property (IP) across the enterprise.

“Today’s labs are asking for so much more and we’re aligning our software with where the science is taking our customers. We’ve invested significant R&D into E-WorkBook 10 to deliver game-changing enhancements to our proven technology,” said Scott Weiss, Director of Product Strategy at IDBS. “Our customers are already impressed with our depth of functionality and now we’ve added an intuitive and simple interface to enable them to work faster and with increased flexibility through the browser. It means researchers can spend less time finding things and more time doing science with advanced data insight.”

Available now, E-WorkBook 10 is based on a heritage of rich user-centric enterprise software. This major step forward in the E-WorkBook journey offers the industry a tried and tested solution, unlike some of the more niche software currently on the market.

Existing users of E-WorkBook can add the browser-based functionality at any time. TCO is reduced as the browser-based software enables central changes which can be deployed across the organization with minimum installation.