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Intuitive, Integrated Safety Software for Scientists

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Laboratory safety software company BioRAFT has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Stanford University to acquire the license to the ChemTracker brand and intellectual property. The agreement will enable BioRAFT to combine ChemTracker's powerful chemical safety and regulatory information database with BioRAFT's enterprise solution and user-friendly interface. Development will begin immediately on a ChemTracker module within BioRAFT.

"ChemTracker is a leader in chemical inventory and regulatory reporting. We are honored that Stanford University and the ChemTracker team decided that BioRAFT is a worthy steward of their remarkable work," says Nathan Watson, President and CEO of BioRAFT. "Intuitive, integrated safety for scientists is the only way organizations can effectively manage laboratory risk without unreasonable overhead costs and burden on scientific progress. The new ChemTracker module will further enhance BioRAFT's suite of research support tools that scientists need to be safe and productive."

BioRAFT provides an enterprise-wide safety solution for research institutions and life science companies that consolidates information and activities under one umbrella. The BioRAFT solution for laboratory safety is composed of the BioRAFT Platform—an application infrastructure and data hub—with application modules that include inspection, equipment, training, biosafety, radioisotope, occupational health, facilities, and chemical safety management.

"Stanford EH&S is excited to be working with BioRAFT. The original vision for ChemTracker, developed at Stanford over 20 years ago, has been to evolve into a comprehensive and integrated EH&S system for research and teaching laboratories," says Larry Gibbs, Associate Vice Provost for EH&S at Stanford University. "With the planned migration of the ChemTracker system into the BioRAFT Platform, that original vision will now be realized. BioRAFT has a well-developed safety management platform for the laboratory environment, and with the incorporation of the ChemTracker chemical inventory and reporting system, BioRAFT will provide an even more robust and comprehensive solution for scientists and EH&S professionals."

ChemTracker Consortium members will continue to use their software and will continue to receive support through ChemTracker during the transition period. BioRAFT is working closely with the ChemTracker team on plans for the new software and a migration strategy for ChemTracker Consortium members.

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